High quality CBD oil for pets, contains no THC


  • Manufactured in a ISO quality room
  • CBD is derived from pure isolate resulting in no THC nor other hemp derived Impurities.  By using pure isolate there is also no acnnabis flavor in our liquids-something your pet will appreciate and other "Full Spectrum" products cannot achieve!
  • All isolate is manufactured using a CO2 extraction process.  This assures the isolate we utilize has no chemicals added as the result of its extraction.  Other products on the market often use acetone to remove CBD from the hemp plant, potentially leaving trace amounts of very toxic chemicals in the final product.  
  • Our facility meets or exceeds all standards set forth in GMP guidelines 
  • FDA registered production facility
  • Meticulous care towards product development and manufacture quality derived from years of experience


Pet CBD Oil

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  • Coconut oil, CBD Isolate, Natural Flavoring