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Kuranda Dog Beds

Are you searching for the perfect bed?  For many years, I did too.  As a dog breeder and fellow animal lover, I have searched for the perfect bed.  Lots of money wasted on beds that did not hold up or were easily destroyed.  After many years of looking for that perfect bed I have finally found it!  Not only are they incredibly easy to clean, and inexpensive they will withstand lots of abuse over the years.  The Kuranda beds have been a life saver for me, no more washing bedding weekly, no more dog smell, no more replacing beds every few months.  I have personally owned these beds for years and can not imagine ever going back.  They are simple to put together and I have not had any issue with them.  Kuranda offers a variety of styles, colors, and materials to choose from.  However, if you have a Dane it is very important that you order the Aluminum Frame with the heavy duty Vinyl.  These are the only materials they have that are rated for the weight of a Dane.  Kuranda also sells pads and covers for the beds to make your dog even more comfortable.  I promise you will not be disappointed.  Kuranda beds are perfect for your canines kennel, helps prevent chewing up their  bedding, keeps them off the hard floor, and gives them support.

Visit Kuranda Dog Beds to see what they offer

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