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Meet our Retirees


Meet our sweet Gracelin D'Vega (Grace), she was born 4-1-2014 and is where our journey began.  Grace's mother passed away during birth so I helped raise her and her siblings.  We had a strong bond from day one and she was an amazing companion, and mother.  Grace loved soccer and should have been the next Air Bud:), she loved to talk and play tug of war.  She was the most amazing mother ever to all her babies and my sweet girl.  Sadly she passed away after complications from her spay in 2018.  I am forever grateful for her love and companionship and happy her legacy lives on in her daughters Hauna and Lily and Granddaughters Wynter and Maggie and all her other babies.

Meet Venus Goddess of Love (Venus),  She was born 4-27-2015.  Venus came to us as a 2 year old and fit into the pack well.  She is the sweetest most affectionate girl there ever was.  Her favorite past times are carrying around her oversized Octopus (which she is never without) and going for car rides with the window down of course.  She will not share her toys with you so don't ask.  Venus is living out her retirement in luxury.


Meet Khrome Magnum, he was born 4-30-2014 and was owned by my long time friends and mentors Casey Pugh of K2 Danes and the late Kim Jordan of Prime Danes. Although Khrome was not ours he is a huge part of who we are and has quite the legacy.  He was a big loving boy that loved his momma so much.  He loved to voice his opinion and wanted to be the center of attention. Khrome loved coming over to see Grace, she was always his favorite girlfriend:)  Khrome just recently passed away peacefully in his sleep and is truly missed by his mom and those that loved him.  RIP sweet boy.    

Meet KaHauna (Hauna),she was born 6-10-2017 to Grace and Khrome.  Hauna has always been our laid back easy going princess.  She loves her family and will always be there to protect us.  She followed in her mothers footsteps as an amazing mother and loved her babies so very much.  Motherhood to her was something very special.  She has been such a blessing in our lives.  Her favorite things are napping and sunbathing by the pool.  She never misses a beautiful day outside.  She will live out her retirement being spoiled and queen of the house.


Meet are sweet Mia, or wiggle butt as we call her.  Mia was born 5-8-2015.  Due to pregnancy complications Mia only had one litter before retiring.  She is the smallest in our house at only 15 pounds.  Mia is so full of love and life.  She never lets you out of her site as she's afraid she may miss a snack or a car ride.  Mia is the first in your lap if you sit down and the first to greet you every morning.  She is the sweetest girl ever.  Her favorite things are belly rubs and car rides.  She may be small but she is mighty and doesn't put up with any Dane nonsense.  She is our heart. 


Meet Jezebelle (Belle), she was born 5-22-2017.  Belle and Hauna grew up together and were the best of friends.  Belle is a very affectionate girl when she wants cuddles.  She was an amazing mother to all her babies and although we are sad to see her retire, it is time for her to live out her life baby free.  Belle is not a fan of car rides as she's more of a home body. She loves kids and giving nightly hugs.  Her favorite past time is chasing birds during the day and bugs at night under the glow of the porch lights.  She will live out her retirement chasing away.

Meet Harley, he was born 3-30-2016.  Harley loves everyone and everything.  Puppies however are his favorite, he would play with them all day if he could, but when they aren't around, Khaine is his next favorite.  Wherever Khaine is Harley is nearby.  Harley was an amazing stud but preferred the big girls over the ones his size.  His favorite past times are barking at things that aren't there and cleaning Khaine's face. He may not be the sharpest one in the house but he's definitely loved by all.  

Khaine was bred by Duke Danes and born on January 6, 2017.  There are not enough words to describe how amazing this boy is.  He has blessed us with many wonderful babies that will carry on his legacy.  Khaine is most definitely a momma's boy who is tenderhearted, loyal to a fault and the gentlest of giants there is.  Khaine could care less about playing with his 4-legged buddies, he prefers playing with his toys and being by mom's side at all times.  We are sad to see him retire but it is time.  Khaine is his moms heart dog now and always.  
Lily of the Valley, was born June 12,th, 2018 to Grace and Khrome.  She is full of life and loves everyone.  Lily is her fathers daughter and always has something to say and loves to be the center of attention.  Lily blessed us with 4 amazing litters and was an outstanding mother.  She loves playing with her sister and niece as well as taking long naps.  She will live out the rest of her life as our family and beloved pet.  
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